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1. Adare Nam Ridawanne Ai - Gayani Madusha.mp3

2. Anantha Sansare - Sanka Dineth And Gayani Madusha.mp3

3. Dikkasada Pembareeda Man - Gayani Madusha.mp3

4. Duka Daraganna - Gayani Madusha.mp3

5. Eka Dawasak Mama Dutuwa (Remake) - Gayani Madusha.mp3

6. Hada Vil Thalaye - Gayani Madusha And Sanka Dineth.mp3

7. Heena Walakulu Athare - Gayani Madusha And Eranda Pathum.mp3

8. Hitha Yata Mage - Surendra Perera And Gayani Madusha.mp3

9. Kal Gewanne Man Hindada (Ithin Eeta Passe) - Gayani Madusha.mp3

10. Kandulu Watee Sayane - Gayani Madusha.mp3

11. Mage Hadawatha Oba Soyana - Gayani Madusha.mp3

12. Oba Hinda Man Winda Duk Wedana - Gayani Madusha.mp3

13. Oba Langin Inna - Gayani Madusha.mp3

14. Oya Dihai (Oya Hungak Wenas Wela) - Daysiri Jayasekara And Gayani Madusha.mp3

15. Sanda Eliya Ahimi Ahase - Gayani Madusha.mp3

16. Sanda Kale Ran Wan Ahasin - Gayani Madusha.mp3

17. Siha Dajayata Roda Bandimu (Jaya Jaya Mathru Bhoomi) - Nadun, Chamila, Nadeeka Guruge.mp3

18. Sihinayak Do Dawatune - Gayani Madusha And Shashipriya Rupasinghe.mp3

19. Sitha Bindunu Da - Gayani Madusha.mp3

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